Shamanic Journey w/ Liana Soria

Experience a traditional shamanic spirit journey. Get comfortable (laying down ) and let the repetitive soundings of the frame drum help you enter a meditative state and the Spirit World. Journey through the Earth and lower world to find your Power Animal, and through your soul star to the upper world to meet other teachers and higher guides. Receive an infusion of personal power. Your connection to your guides, your true self, and to the Earth will be strengthened.
Repeat this process for a stronger experience, come to the next shamanic journey workshop and receive more power and more information.
Bring a journal or notebook- also bring an eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes with. Since we are meeting at a yoga studio, mats and blankets are available for you to use- if you prefer, though, bring your own blanket or pad to lay on, a pillow, and a blanket to cover yourself with.

Liana Soria is a regressive hypnotherapist through Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a shaman and registered yoga teacher. Some of her greatest joy comes from using her spiritual tools to guide others to their true inner power and higher self.