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At HOME Yoga Studio in Temecula we believe that home is not a place but rather a state of mind. We believe in the healing power of community. That love is not something we share; it's what we ARE. That connecting with others is connecting with reflections of ourselves.

At HOME Yoga Studio you will find a strong supportive team of yoga teachers and healers that are extensively trained to not only support you in your Asana practice, but to remind you of your power and to stand beside you as you discover all that you're capable of. We believe that coming home means stepping into all that you are; body, mind and soul. Join us in cultivating a beautiful community that you can call HOME. 

What does your yoga practice give to you?

What are you cultivating as you enter the classroom? What have you gained when you leave the practice room? We often talk about intentions and awareness. Understanding why you give yourself the gift of yoga is a catalyst for deeper integration of those exact reasons.

Whether it be for the simple benefits of strength and physical expansion, to connect with others and get out of your routine, or even to take it deeper into your mind and spirits well-being, we are here to help you get there. We want to not only watch you grow but show you just how all of your intentions and desires in your practice are within reach. So let’s do this!