(Owner Of HOME Yoga Temecula) Tue, Thur & Sun, 9 AM, Wed. 6:30 PM, Fri. 12PM


Adriane is an E-yrt 500-hour Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and lifetime student. She is the owner of Home Yoga Studio in Temecula, CA and as such takes every opportunity to study anatomy, philosophy and any yoga tradition to better understand how the practice relates to the human mind and body.

Adriane incorporates a comprehensive approach to yogic philosophy, and the Asanas. She loves to add yoga mythology in class to help students understand different aspects and origins of the practice. One of Adriane’s favorite parts of teaching is to help students safely get into poses that they never thought possible. Having experienced injuries throughout life, Adriane has healed her own body with her yoga practice and has used her influence by amazing teachers from the Anusara tradition to do so. As a result, she finds it important for students to understand the mechanics behind the poses and know how to protect their body in the physical practice. It is her belief that anybody can integrate yoga into their lives as a tool to ensure a long, vibrant and healthy life. Whether you are looking for a healing and gentle class, or a vigorous, fun advanced class, Adriane can help you love your practice wherever you are.

Zoe Renee

(Manager of HOME Yoga Temecula) Tues. 6:15 PM, Wed. 9 AM, Sat. 9 AM


Zoe fell in love with yoga first through the Ashtanga practice in 2014 during her time in Washington. She explored the strict movement and breath and found discipline in the practice. When she moved to Temecula she fell in love with the spiritual aspect that yoga had to offer her. Her practice took her beyond the mat to find deep healing through an array of meditation styles, connecting body, mind and soul with breath, and surrounding herself with a supportive yoga community.  During this time in her life, she realized the power of yoga and a strong support system and decided that with the experience she had gained through her own healing, that she would go on to learn everything she could to help others find healing as well.

Zoe is 200 RYT certified and is constantly seeking ways to expand her own knowledge of physical, mental and spiritual health in order to offer her students a well rounded all encompassing practice. 

Kylie Kruger

Mon 5 PM & Tue 12 PM


Kylie Has been dancing for 30 years. She is a choreographer and teacher of Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Acro, Gymnastics, Hip Hop and Moving Meditation for 10 years. She moved to Los Angeles in 2003, where she earned a scholarship to The Edge Performing arts Center as well as trained at several other dance schools including:  Millenium, Debbie Allen, Culture Shock San Diego and Broadway Dance Center New York. Her professional performance and choreography experience is extensive and can be seen in her ease and ability to teach any and all bodies.

Kylie, inspired to deepen her love for movement, started practicing yoga 5 years ago, she truly fell in love with movement, Breath and the Body through her asana practice. She most recently finished her 200 Hour certification to be a Registered Yoga Instructor. She now is excited to be teaching at, HOME Yoga Studio in Temecula. Her classes are designed to weave movement and breathing through flow like sequencing, offering compassionate adjustments and essential oils for meditation. At the heart of her teaching Kylie celebrates the beautiful uniqueness of every individual and yearns to connect them with the breath and continue to inspire them to find the whole of oneself each and every practice.

Devi Atma Kaur

Wed 7:30 AM, Fri 10:30 AM


Kim Stern (Spiritual name, Devi Atma Kaur which means Angelic Soul Attuned to the Divine) has a teaching style that has a reverence for these sacred teachings through serious humor, incredible music and playful commitment. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan for over 13 years. Kundalini Yoga, her daily spiritual practices and transformational experiences have changed the trajectory of her life. I AM a living testimonial!

Kim had invested 20 years on a corporate career path, when suddenly she could not get out of bed. It left her feeling like a victim of circumstances. She used to suffer with dark depression, anxiety and addictions (negative thinking, food and other substances) that sabotaged her efforts toward being a "normal" and "successful" person. She realized with new eyes that aiming for "normal" was living in mediocrity and it required a change in her old fashioned definition of "success." 

Today, one of her many mantra's toward living a life of excellence is: "If it's to be, it's up to me." Kim is committed to her own personal expansion with Kundalini Yoga through classes and retreats, self-study, spiritual practices and principles on a consistent basis. 

Brian Yuen

Mon 6:30 PM & Fri 9 AM (+ Acro Workshops)


Brian conducts a wide range of classes & workshops including AcroYoga, vinyasa flow yoga, alignment based yoga, yoga for children with autism, veterans, seniors, seniors with Alzheimer's, partner yoga, and thai yoga. Among the many wonderful teachers he has studied with are the usual and some not-so-usual suspects, from various traditions including Iyengar, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Thai yoga.

Since 2011, Brian and his wife Lorrie have expanded their offerings to Europe and Asia. Most recently they taught at the Rainbow Yoga Fesival in Turkey, and workshops in Thailand, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Ashley Llano

Wed 10:30 AM & Fri 7:30 AM


Ashley Grew up in North County San Diego surrounded by the culture of yoga. The idea and experience of yoga has always intrigued and moved her. She began a meditation series at the YMCA at the age of 12 and incorporated yoga as a competitive gymnast as an adolescent. Doing this work at such a young age ingrained in her a deep-rooted understanding of the necessity and importance of duality. It takes both strength and fluidity to practice anything in an aligned way.

She began practicing yoga on a regular basis in 1999 and immediately felt a strong connection to it. In 2009, she did her 200 hour certification and continues to actively engage life as practice of yoga. She consistently practiced yoga through her first 2 pregnancies, and completed an 100 hour Advanced Pre and Post Natal Yoga training during her third pregnancy. Ashley is known for having a gentle heart. She is easy to be around and her intention is to offer a practice where people feel supported, calm and safe.


Cierra Urso

Fri 6:30 PM

Cierra began practicing yoga as a teenager as a way to cope with anxiety and after taking her first Ashtanga yoga class at 13 she fell in love with the practice. She has been regularly practicing for over a decade and the skills she has learned have helped her overcome many challenges.

When she moved to the Temecula area from Los Angeles in 2016, she came across Mermaid Movement yoga with Kristen Rud at HOME Yoga and was intrigued by the combination of yoga, dance, and community connection. Every Friday since she has dedicated time to the Mermaid Movement practice and has found it has given her so much more than she could have ever imagined. In the 3 years since beginning regular weekly practice with Mermaid Movement, Cierra has broken through several barriers, including those self-limiting beliefs she thought she could never surpass. Now, she is leading workshops, gatherings, and movement sessions for women as a way to help others break down their own barriers to realize their truest potentials. Her love for Mermaid Movement has blossomed and she takes her passion with her everywhere she goes. Now that Cierra has started to lead Mermaid Movement classes she loves to focus on personal connections, joyous movement, and bringing passion to everyone who joins her practice. Her Mermaid Movement classes are not traditional yoga but they do incorporate Vinyasa inspired movement intermingled with dancing and singing to altogether release trapped emotions to facilitate feelings of joy, love, and compassionate connection.

Melissa Verhagen

Thur 10:30 AM & 12 PM

Melissa Verhagen, our Vini Yoga instructor, has been working in the health industry since 1995. She has an extensive certified background in herbology, the yoga field and is a Reiki Master. Melissa has studied yoga therapy at the American Vini Yoga Institute under T.K.V. Desikachar, Gary Kraftsow and Mark Whitwell. She is a certified yoga instructor and has taught professionally since 1997.

Melissa has also studied at the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute. She is trained to use Yoga therapeutically for a variety of special needs and conditions. Combined with a comprehensive education on the skeletal, muscular, nervous and other intrical systems of the body, Melissa structures her classes to help students experience strength, flexibility, deep relaxation and well-being. Each student receives individual attention to become more in tune with their body and soul. The Viniyoga style emphasizes movement, breathing, and body awareness. She is sensitive to each student’s expectations and limitations, and tailors her classes to the needs of those who attend. Melissa brings the clarity of alignment, the dynamic power of the breath and a warm open-hearted quality to her teaching.

Darryl Moss

Thur 6:15 PM


Darryl has been practicing yoga for 7 years and has been teaching vinyasa, yin and power hour classes for 5. He originally started yoga as a physical practice and it eventually turned into a spiritual practice as well. Darryl completed his 200 hour YTT in 2013 at the Body Art Barn. He has a love for arm balances and inversions, and seeks to incorporate them in many of his classes. Yoga should be challenging but it is not all about the fancy poses. It’s finding the balance, the breath and your truth. He believes that you should enjoy your practice while having fun at the same time. Darryl is both a student and a teacher, taking every opportunity to increase his knowledge of the body and the philosophy of yoga. He wants to share his love and passion of yoga with everyone because he understands the profound positive changes is has had on his life positively.

Teresa Roberts

Thur 1:30 PM


It was the love of her personal yoga practice, and the influence of all of her amazing teachers, that led Teresa to become a yoga teacher. She finds tremendous joy in helping others experience the benefits of the practice. For her it is a wonderful feeling to come together as a community to keep growing, evolving, and bringing the best parts of ourselves forward on and off the mat. RYT 500, Trauma Conscious Yoga Training, 1st/2nd Degrees Reiki Training.


Tyler Humphrey

Wed 6:30 AM

Ty’s background in fitness, health & wellness, and yoga is comprised of a beautiful balance of the practitioner & teacher. His 10 years of experience offers a unique combination of both Stirha (steady strength) and Sukha (joyful softness). His intention is to bring your own potentiality to light through a practice based in strength and stillness. He humbly understands we are all works in progress. Sometimes we falter, requiring guidance by Nature and physical/mental self inquiry to balance our Being with the ever evolving Universe and Self. Ty encourages everyone to be uniquely Divine by exploring their full potentiality while practicing kindness and love.

A veteran himself, Tyler has chosen to make his class free for all military veterans, active duty, and first responders.

Lorrie Shepard

Tue & Sat 10:30 AM 12 PM,  Wed 12 PM & 5 PM (+ Acro Workshops)

RYT 500 and Certified Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga Teacher


Lorrie’s yoga journey beginning in the B.K.S. Iyengar tradition in 2000, swiftly transitioned from tentatively taking her first class to attending as many classes as would fit into her schedule. Eventually, there came a moment when she realized yoga was no longer something she did, it illuminated who she is.

Now with multifaceted experience and trainings under her belt, Lorrie; who is herself a forever student, teaches AcroYoga, partner yoga and yoga nidra workshops, and vigorous vinyasa classes. The healing art practice of meta/loving kindness has cracked Lorrie’s heart wide open. Her classes blend traditional and healing qualities of yoga through the lens of devotion and love. She encourages students to explore, discover and cultivate their potential and bring lightness into their practice and into their lives.


Liana X. Soria

Certified Hypnotherapist & Yoga Teacher

regressive hypnotherapist through Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a shaman and registered yoga teacher. Some of her greatest joy comes from using her spiritual tools to guide others to their true inner power and higher self.

Elissa Marshal

Monday 9:00 AM

E500RYT certified with extensive education regarding anatomy, yoga philosophy, and yoga therapeutics. She uses a love for alignment combined with adaptability to create a fun and flowing yoga lifestyle practice. Elissa is supportive and encourages everyone no matter their level of experience. Her style helps those who learn with her feel strong and empowered so they may recognize their inner light.

While being supportive, Elissa also offers opportunities to challenge yourself in her classes. She helps you to understand that growth arises from pushing yourself a little harder while treating yourself with patience and love. This approach is what guides her students to find the strength within themselves.